Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cut-to-size Kuppam Green Granite available in various finishes

Kuppam green granite is a popular piece that has a beautiful green base color. It has shades of grey, and black patches over the base color along with white waves which makes the whole piece very exciting to work with.

Many architects have used this amazing piece to create great works of art for their clients. Possibilities are limitless here when you have the right product at the right time at the time of construction. Home owners have the opportunity to have access to the most reliable product from India.

Natural stone importers find India to be one of the best destinations that is prepared to deliver the best product in the market. Not only the quality of the product delivered is consistent but also the team of engineers behind the scene have the work experience to deliver the highest quality product within the given time frame.

Deadlines are the most important thing in this industry because any kind of delay in product delivery will only affect the construction process of the project. This is the main reason that natural stone exporters from India keeps their clients always within the loop.

Finishes: Polished, Sawn , Flamed

Products: slabs, tiles, countertops

Kuppam Green Granite

This is the product sample that was sent to a client in Norway. They had their own custom specifications for the finishing process which was only applicable for their personal project. We had a given time frame to finish the project, and we sent out clients samples of the product before the production process commenced. After they were convinced of the product, we started the processing of the stones.

Quality remains first and foremost aspect of our service. This is an unwritten rule that has been followed since the commencement of this organization, and it will be upheld in the years to come.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Black Forest Granite Gangsaw Slabs can help make a strong personal style-statement

Black Forest Granite is a very popular variety that has no other similar variety in the industry. This beautiful variety has a black color base with white-creamish waves with white patches in some areas.

This variety comes in polished finish but that can change when a customer wants to customize his purchase a bit further. We are a company that puts our clients needs first because every client is different. There are no two projects that can ever be exactly the same. Their specifications are always different because of the mindset of the architects themselves.

This is the main reason that we mold our work according to the needs of the individual client.  This beautiful product can easily merge with a number of themes. It amplifies every color around itself which makes it a very attractive piece. This product can be used in a number of ways to transform a living space completely.

Black Forest Granite

We make our efforts to cut down the costs of construction for our clients by eliminating fine tuning of the product on our side. The rest remains on the people who build the project according to the given designs of the architects.

We provide ample of protection to the product when it is ready for delivery. There is a standard procedure for delivery that is followed every time. This stone product s packed in such a way that the impact is reduced drastically. The packing material acts as cushion for the product, and absorbs all energy from any kind of impact that may be felt during transit. 

Take a look at the product below, and let your imagination run wild!

Contact us if you feel like having a sample of our product, we will give you a great deal..!

[ We have an extensive list of options in the granite section for more options. ]

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