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Friday, September 13, 2013

Natural Stone Exporters Showcase Bash Paradiso Granite Countertop

Bash Paradiso is one of the most popular Indian variety of Granite in the west because of its unique natural color combination. Looking at this stone, we can say that mother nature is a true artist. Whatever she creates from her womb has a beauty of its own. 

Regatta Exports-Bash Paradiso Countertop Granite- 2cm. 263(327x188) 69-2cm.

At the first glance, we can clearly see that this granite is a combination of brown, and gray. The brownish waves over the grey color base gives a wings to the imagination. When you simply look at these colors, you can imagine a world of your own. 

Its smooth surface is not only a grat choice for a countertop but also for wall cladding, ledgestones, wall panels, and more. Possibilities are limitless, and it can be customized according to the needs of the project.

When you have a special project; lets say, you are planning to create a mansion of a big piece of land and cost is no bar - then it is best to source from a wholesale Indian natural stone supplier that can give you the best rates in the industry.

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