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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Introducing Handsplit Blocksteps Sandstone Version Kandla Grey

Living spaces when built by hand has a feel of its own. It is the life-force of the builder that flows through every inch of the building. This is one factor that a machine can never match. A machine can bring in consistency but it can never be completely unique. It is the human imperfection that brings in that difference into the equation.

Indian Sandstone Manufacturer introduces you to Kandla Grey Blocksteps that has been in high demand overseas, especially in USA and European countries. We have been getting massive quarries from Jamaica, Australia, and even NZ.

Kandla Grey Sandstone blocksteps

We see a great future here, because every package is special on its own. Even though the product, and the color may be almost the same but the final creation of the builder will always be different.

We believe in total quality management, and rest assured that your product will be sent with the best precautions that cane be taken before the product leaves our port!


Both Sides - Natural Finish
Both Sides - Sawn Finish
One Side Hones - Other side Caliberated

Edges: machine cut (sawn)

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