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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Natural Stone Packaging Shown with Kandla Grey Sandstone Blocksteps

Most consumers wonder about the way their product is being handled in the back-end. When you are making an order from an International partner, then it is only natural to be a bit anxious. We are going to bridge that gap for you by showing you the way the product is packaged and sent to you when it leaves our port.

We are going to take the example of Kandla Grey Sandstone Blocksteps. In the picture below, you can clearly see the way the product is packaged.  

Per pallet - there are 9 blocks pieces. The plastic straps over the block pieces allows the blocks to stay together as a whole, and reduce all impact that may be caused during transit. 

Kandla Grey Sandstone

Plastic sheet is added over the stones to ensure that the blocks are not affected by the elements, water, sun and air. If the product comes into contact with these elements, then they can loose their shine, and quality before it reaches its final destination.

Hence, these precautions help us send our product to you as safely as possible.


Both Sides - Natural Finish
Both Sides - Sawn Finish
One Side Hones - Other side Caliberated

Edges: machine cut (sawn)

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