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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kandla Grey Sandstone Presented By Natural Stone Suppliers in India

Indian Natural Stone suppliers presents Kandla Grey Sandstone that is typically prepared in its Natural finish. This is a coarse sandstone; hence, it cannot be used as a countertop for a kitchen. However, it is a great option for wall tiles, ledgestones and pathways.

This is the popular combination used by developers when they source from Indian wholesale natural stone distributors who promise consistent quality in every consignment. Retailers find many users wanting this specific variety for fireplaces.

In cold regions, people want proper insulation of their living space so they can retain heat within their homes and offices.  This specific stone not only looks good but is not damaged by fire. Therefore, it is used for great looking fireplaces.

Regatta Universal Exports Kandla-Grey-Sandstone-10-222x16

Both Sides - Natural Finish
Both Sides - Sawn Finish
One Side Hones - Other side Caliberated

Edges: machine cut (sawn)

Typically used as Tiles, and Slabs for homes, and offices.

Watch  Regatta Universal Export's Kandla Grey Sandstone Video to see the different varieties.

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